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Rewrite Your Story
~ with MoniKa

A new year of blank pages, how will you fill them?

Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Monika Kaszubowska and I have always been passionate about personal and professional development.

All of us can easily get stuck in our old habits, following the same thought patterns and missing out on the opportunities in front of us. We can get caught in this vicious cycle for decades, tied to our routine and failing to explore exciting challenges and options that lie ahead. As a Transformational Coach, I help my clients to break this circle, step out of their comfort zone and explore the possibilities.

My mission is to support everyone who would like to live up to their potential to be empowered, find clarity and take positive action.


Transformational Life Coaching

If you were to write a personal journal about your life up to now, what would it look like?

If you now turn to the next blank page and write about your day tomorrow, what is it likely to be? More importantly, what would you like it to be?

With lots of blank pages ahead to write on, you now have a great opportunity to take control and start creating the future you want.

This is the moment when you can begin a beautiful journey and truly transform your life.

Transformational Career Coaching

Time spent at work takes on average one third of our lives so it is vital we derive satisfaction from it. The way we feel about it impacts our quality of life, often more than we realise.

Whether you are ready to make a career change or perhaps are going through a difficult time at work, I am here to provide you with my expertise to get you on the path to career fulfilment.

With over ten years' experience in recruitment, I carefully tailor my sessions to each client's needs.


Monika has been a valued member of our network of internal coaches at Oxford University. Monika is a dedicated, enthusiastic and thoughtful coach. She uses supervision effectively to share experiences, reflect and gain insights and I have found her to be very open to new ideas and techniques to continually develop her practice. She is a generous and skilled coach practitioner who is always ready to contribute time, ideas and experiences to support others’ development.

Anna, Professional Development Adviser, Oxford

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