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Monika has been a valued member of our network of internal coaches at Oxford University. Monika is a dedicated, enthusiastic and thoughtful coach. She uses supervision effectively to share experiences, reflect and gain insights and I have found her to be very open to new ideas and techniques to continually develop her practice. She is a generous and skilled coach practitioner who is always ready to contribute time, ideas and experiences to support others’ development.

Anna, Professional Development Adviser, Oxford

Monika’s coaching enabled me to take a positive attitude to change within the institution. As a coach, she listened and questioned in a positive and supportive way, enabling me to see the paths that I could take to work better with colleagues and to be a better leader for my team.

Amy, Project Coordinator, Oxford

Monika not only is passionate about what she does, but also she is a tremendous professional coach and a people focused person. I am pleased to have been coached by Monika. I´d strongly recommend her to anyone who is going through changes in their personal and work life. Thank you for all your help, Monika.

Rocio, Senior Marketing Executive, Oxford

I came to Monika a bit overwhelmed with my head full of things I wanted to change in my life. Monika provided a space for me to stop and clarify my situation and reflect on thinking. She also had a miraculous way of helping me to see and approach a very important issues that have been holding me back in a different way. Coming to the end of our coaching process I am moving forward with confidence to put positive changes in place. I would highly recommend Monika to all. Thank you!

Monika, L&D Professional, London

I’m very glad that I had the opportunity to be coached by Monika who helped me to clarify my long-term personal and career objectives and to become more conscious about my own decision making mechanism.
Monika is incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what she does and she knows how to motivate you to push yourself that little bit further while creating a trusting and uplifting environment for the discussion. After each session I felt energised and more driven.
I’m very grateful for her help encouraging me to face challenges and determine long-term actions which can bring me closer to my objectives.

Erika, Senior Project Assistant, Oxford

Monika is a great coach and really knows her stuff.  She is great at listening and really hearing what the client is trying to say.  She also knows which are the best models or methods to use in a particular session to get the best from the client.  She is also great at summing up and finishing a session on a positive note. She also always sends the sum up and actions we have agreed on for the next week which for me is great otherwise if I were writing them I would be distracted from my session.

Philippa, HR Administrator, Oxford

I never worked with a coach before and my first experience with Monika was great. She helped me a lot leading me in the right direction so I could overcome issues. She is a great coach!

Grace, Digital Projects Manager, Paris

I was caught in a negative and self-deprecating loop when I first hired Monika as my coach. I had tried self help books, reading articles online, but I still felt like I didn’t have the necessary tools to cope with distressing situations in my life. Monika really helped turn things around for me, resulting in me being much more confident and being true to my boundaries. I couldn’t recommend Monika enough for what she’s helped me achieve.

Sarah, Adviser, Oxford

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