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New Year, New Job?

It is not a secret that January is a great month for job hunting. New budgets on the employers’ side and often new resolutions on the candidates’ – all these impact the current job market.

Whether you are looking for a new job or not, I have put together a few tips that you might find useful:

1. Create your vision and think about what you want your future job to look like. What would be the three must-haves in your next role? What industry could that be? What environment? Picture yourself in it. This will help you to specify what you want and narrow down your search.

2. Make sure that your CV is up to date – that your current / most recent position is listed, and the dates are correct, triple check for any spelling errors and keep it consistent.

3. Tailor your cover letter to every job you apply for – outline why you want the job and why you would be the best person for the role. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes. Look at the criteria of the job and think how you meet them.

4. Prep yourself before an interview – thoroughly research the company, prepare a few good examples of times when you were proactive at work, when you achieved something or were faced with a challenge. Take some time to answer the questions below:

What is my professional long-term goal?What are my strengths? What do I need to improve on?What environment enables me to do my best?How do the company’s values fit with my own?

Finally, your mindset during an interview plays an important role. Focus on here and now. Don’t put pressure on yourself that you must get this job, just do your best in that moment. It really works!

Job search doesn’t need to be stressful and overwhelming. If you want to find out more about Transformational Career Coaching please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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